It’s the era of Smart Phone

You sure must be a champ at booking cabs, movie tickets, ordering food or buying stuff through your smart phone. Even if you were not, your children would have made you one by now. But did you ever pause for a minute to think how much more you could do with it than just get a ride or a date, apart from of course making calls? A sneak peek into it:

Light up your life:

Smart phone light control
Light bulbs sync with your phone via an app. You can set the amount of time the light stays on without even being in the room, saving you money throughout the year. Considering the electricity bill amounts we pay these days, you sure can save a bomb this way!

Check whether your remote batteries are still alive!

Smartphone to check remote
A smart phone camera is generally sensitive to IR radiation, and if you want to try it for yourself, just use a common IR remote control. Infrared beam is emitted when a button is pressed. This will show as white or purple light in the viewfinder of your camera. You can use this trick to check if a remote control’s batteries are dead when it stops working.

Manage and pay your bills through your smart phone-keep your CIBIL score maintained

Bill payment history
When everything is just a click away, your smart phone is your savior. It helps you in managing your day-to-day activities apart from managing your monthly activities-like paying bills. Constant reminders for bill payments help you keep track of activities which were on your sub-conscious mind. Avoid standing in long queues and pay through the app downloaded on your phone.

So don’t you think a smart phone sure does have its umpteen benefits? In my opinion it does.