What makes a Mobile app experience great?

App experienceThe world is going mobile. Mobile phones have permeated everywhere and have become the go to tool for almost all needs of the customers. A mobile is always at hand, and is as personal as a wallet or a handbag. A mobile defines the user’s personality. It is their calling card or status symbol.

The onset of portable mobile apps, smartphones and tablets have started displacing traditional channels like shops, bank branches and ATMs, IVRs and internet banking. More and more customers have become “mobile only” and banks/merchants are poised to see a steep drop in footfalls in other channels.

So, what exactly makes a great mobile app? Is it something that is packed with features that offers vast options to users? Or is it something that comes with a slick and uber cool design with great look and feel?

Well, in our opinion, it is none of the above. While having a broader set of features and pleasant usability does bring in customers, what makes an app more acceptable is how contextual and relevant it is for the end user. For a mobile app to be successful, it should fulfill few key criteria such as:

Efficiency (makes life easier):

A mobile app has to make a process easier. It should have a clean and fluid design that takes user from one step to another seamlessly. It should enhance productivity and improve overall process efficiency.

Effectiveness (saves efforts):

Also, an app has to be effective, in the sense, it should save user from keying in large amount of data, have the capability to learn on the go and remember user’s preferences and behaviours.

Contextual (maximum usage, minimum noise):

The key for any mobile app is being contextual. Users should see whatever is relevant for their time, place and preferences. A customer should be able to locate offers nearby, or be able to see campaigns that matter to his physical location or social media preferences.

A mobile phone brings in a sense of time, place and context with it, thereby lending itself to multitudes of use cases for providing relevant options to customers. One’s imagination is the limit here. With a mobile in hand, institutions are suddenly able to pinpoint and predict their customer’s move accurately. All this, coupled with smart data analysis, courtesy of big data scientists, offer unprecedented opportunities to cater to customer’s growing needs, some of them, which they themselves might not be aware of.

Pre-empting customer’s need is in. Reactive offerings are passe. And mobile is the channel that takes care of this like none other.